Sabtu, 13 Oktober 2012

Nice Guy (K-Drama Ongoing)

Title: Nice guy / The Innocent man

Genre: romance, melodrama

Total Episode: 20

Summary: A man is betrayed by the woman he loves. To exact revenge, the man uses another woman who lost her memory ….

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EP01 Part 1 l Part 2 l Part 3 l Subtitle
EP02 Part 1 l Part 2 l Part 3 l Subtitle
EP03 Part 1 l Part 2 l Part 3 l Subtitle
EP04 Part 1 l Part 2 l Part 3 l Subtitle
EP05 Part 1 l Part 2 l Part 3 l Subtitle
EP06 Part 1 l Part 2 l Part 3 l Subtitle
EP07 Part 1 l Part 2 l Part 3 l Subtitle
EP08 Part 1 l Part 2 l Part 3 l Subtitle
EP09 Part 1 l Part 2 l Part 3 l Subtitle
EP10 Part 1 l Part 2 l Part 3 l Subtitle
EP11 Part 1 l Part 2 l Part 3 l Subtitle
EP12 Part 1 l Part 2 l Subtitle
EP13 Part 1 l Part 2 l Part 3 l Subtitle
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Heaven's Postman (K-Movie)

Title: heaven's Postman

Genre: romance, melodrama

Summary: The story of a messenger that has the ability to travel between the present and the afterlife. Shin Jae Joon was involved in an accident that put him in a coma and gave his spirit the ability to travel back and forth between the real world and heaven. He becomes a postman who delivers letters to the dead from their grieving loved ones and meets Jo Ha Na by chance as she is trying to send her late boyfriend a letter. Ha Na, however, is the only person who can see Jae Joon.

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part1 l part2

Minggu, 07 Oktober 2012

Ohlala Couple (K-Drama Ongoing)

Title: Ohlala Couple

Total Episode: 16

Genre: romance, comedy, family

Summary: A comedy family drama about a troubled married couple in their early 40s in which the infidelity of the husband Go Soo Nam (Shin Hyun Joon) who is a hotelier leads to the wife Na Yeo Ok (Kim Jung Eun) demanding a divorce after 12 years of marriage. However, an accident causes their body swap, leading to hilarious antics.

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EP01 Part1 l Part2 l Subtitle
EP01 Part1 l Part2 l Subtitle
EP03 Part1 l Part2 l Subtitle
EP04 Part1 l Part2 l Subtitle
EP05 Part1 l Part2 l Subtitle
EP06 Part1 l Part2 l Subtitle
EP07 Part1 l Part2 l Subtitle
EP08 Part1 l Part2 l Subtitle
EP09 Part1 l Part2 l Subtitle
EP10 Part1 l Part2 l Subtitle
EP11 Part1 l Part2 l Subtitle
EP12 Part1 l Part2 l Subtitle
EP13 Part1 l Part2 l Subtitle
EP14 Part1 l Part2 l Subtitle
EP15 Part1 l Part2 l Subtitle 
EP16 Part1 l Part2 l Subtitle


Minggu, 23 September 2012

Cinderella (K-Movie)

Title: Cinderella

Genre: Horror

Summary: Seeking the much-desired quality of ul-jjang (the Perfect Face), 17-year-old HyunsuĆ¢€™s friends are envious that she has a plastic surgeon for a mother. On their summer vacation together, she watches as her friends get plastic surgery and then one by one begin to die mysterious deaths. HyunsuĆ¢€™s mother holds the key to the dark secrets that have been tucked away up to now

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Blind (K-Movie) 2011

Title: Blind

Genre: Actions, Crime, Thriller

Summary: A missing person case involving a female university student and the victim in a hit and run case appears to be related. Detectives look for a witness.
Into the police office walks Min Soo-Ah (Kim Ha-Neul). She used to be a promising cadet at the police academy, but after a horrific car accident which killed her brother, Soo-Ah’s police career ended. Min Soo-Ah also lost her eyesight in the car accident. Min Soo-Ah reveals to Detective Jo (Jo Hie-Bong) at the police station that on the night of the hit and run case she was picked up by a taxi cab driver. Soo-Ah believes the taxi driver may be the perpetrator of the crimes. Initially, Detective Jo doesn’t take Soo-Ah’s claims seriously because she is blind, but when Soo-Ah displays her acute senses the detective starts to believe her.
Detective Jo and Min Soo-Ah then work together to find the taxi cab driver, but all their leads turn up empty. Then another witness comes forward Kwon Ki-Sub (Yoo Seung-Ho). Kwon Ki-Sub is a motorcycle delivery boy who claims to have also witness the hit and run incident. Kwon Ki-Sub also emphatically states that the car in question was not a taxi cab, but rather an imported sedan.
Meanwhile, Min Soo-Ah finds herself being stalked by a mysterious man …

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Bestseller (K-Movie)

Title: Bestseller

Genre: Mystery, Thriller

Summary: “Best Seller” is a thriller centered around writer Hee-Soo (Eom Jeong-Hwa) who moves to a small house in a rural area after becoming involved in a plagiarism scandal. Hee-Soo then hears a mysterious figure tell horrifying stories and she writes a new novel based on those stories. Her novel becomes another best seller, but Hee-Soo’s success is short lived. The stories in the novel are discovered to have been published 10 years ago. To prove her innocence, she goes back to the house to uncover the mystery that lies there.

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Ba Bo / Miracle of Giving Fool (K-Movie)

Title: Ba Bo / Miracle of Giving Fool

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Summary: Every village has it’s fool”, this is basically what happens in a Miracle of the giving fool (BA:BO), Seung-ryong (Cha Tae-Hyun) at a young age suffers an accident with his father. His father get killed but he survives with some cerebral injuries. At age 27 he has the intelligence of a six-year-old child. Some years after the accident, his mother dies and he sees himself alone in the world with her younger sister Jee-nin, who simply sees her brother as something disgusting and hateful. The movie begins with Seung-ryong waiting for something, or someone who finally arrives, after some years. She’s Ji-ho, a childhoods Seung-ryong love. He makes his living selling the most famous toasts in his village in front of his sister school, that way being able to “keep an eye on her”.
Resuming, it’s a romance, a story that tells us how strong and deep all kinds of love can be…

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